Buy – Rent 53 Foot Shipping Containers & Conex Boxes

There are many options to consider when buying or renting a 53 ft steel storage container. This guide shows everything to know about 53 ft metal storage containers.

Steel Shipping Containers For Rent

Before the standardization of sizes, steel storage containers could take up to 10 days to unload. Now it can be done in less than 24 hours. We are the nation’s most trusted source for great prices on conex containers for sale.

Tuff Shipping Containers offer container sizes from as small as 6ft to our biggest, 53 foot steel storage containers. With their low cost and ease of transport, steel storage containers are a popular solution for commercial shipping and storage. And, the convenient stacking features mean it’s never been easier to organize multiple containers and maximize your storage options.

Let’s take a look at what our biggest container can offer you.

Metal Storage Container Uses


The flexibility that a 53ft metal storage container offers means its practical uses are only limited by your imagination. While they’ve been popping up as trendy office spaces or starter homes, the most popular uses still remain in the commercial space.

Our clients take advantage of the increased floor plan of a 53ft container for long-term industrial storage, temporary construction site usage, and self-store facilities use. The heavy locks and watertight seal provide users with the reassurance and knowledge that the contents are safe from theft, weather, and pests.

The security and protection a container affords make them a great solution for storing almost anything.

The higher ceiling in a larger container allows for machinery and equipment to be protected, stored, and shipped without damage or the need to dismantle. For construction companies, the added benefit of the extended length allows for metal beams, scaffolding, and construction materials to be stored inside, enabling you to keep your inventory safe and secure.

53 Foot Steel Storage/Shipping Containers Features


Aside from the increased floor plan and subsequently increased storage capacity a larger container offers, it has some great, practical features too.

  • Made from 14-gauge corrugated steel and coated with industrialized protective paint for longevity, containers are protected from corrosion and last longer than other storage and shipping options.
  • The ground-level access allows for ease of entry for both people and machinery, making it easy to load and unload the contents.
  • Watertight and weatherproof, metal storage containers are a spoil-free storage solution for easily damaged items.
  • With secure locks and near air-tight seals, containers keep unwanted people (and pests) away from your precious contents.


The average cost of Conex shipping containers can vary depending on the size, condition, and characteristics of the container. Prices vary from as little as $1,400 to upwards of $9000.

Larger sizes such as the 53ft container are harder to find and typically more expensive. While you can opt for secondhand, these come with potential reliability issues and wear and tear. At Tuff Shipping Containers we work with only the best suppliers to provide our customers with quality secondhand containers.

For those wanting brand new 53-foot steel storage containers, we offer competitive pricing across the board, saving you up to 30% when compared with local pricing.

Serving all 50 states, get a quote and secure your contents today.

Conex Boxes For Sale

The World of Metal Storage Containers

When it comes to running a business, the devil is in the details. There are a lot of variables to consider and expected surprises to deal with.

The quality of your metal storage containers shouldn’t be another question mark to worry about it.

When it comes to storage solutions, deal with the experts. Visit this page to learn more about our services.