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There are many options to consider when buying or renting a storage container. This guide shows everything to know about 6ft metal storage containers.

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Steel Shipping Containers For Rent

Sometimes you only need a little extra space to clear out the clutter. If this sounds like you, six-foot metal storage containers might be the solution. Continue reading to learn why.

Uses for 6 Foot Metal Shipping Containers

six foot metal shipping container cube blueSix-foot metal shipping containers are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of commercial applications. The exact use a business gets from these containers will depend largely on their industry and unique needs.

A few popular uses for six-foot metal shipping containers include:

  • Secure bike and motorcycle storage
  • Storage for a limited amount of small equipment, like lawnmowers
  • Tool storage
  • Archive paperwork storage
  • Dedicated, secured storage for small but expensive items
  • Starting a small business

These are only a few of the most popular uses for six-foot metal shipping containers. These steel containers can be used as storage or extra space in any situation where only a little extra room is needed.

Features Available in 6 FT Shipping Containers

When purchasing 6 ft shipping containers, there are many features available. Keep in mind that the features available when renting will be more limited versus when purchasing.

A few of the most common features in this size of shipping containers include:

  • Built-in shelving or additional storage organization options
  • Insulation or an additional liner to further protect valuable items
  • Basic electric installation
  • The ability to stack two or more shipping containers together

Depending on what you need, more features may be available in six-foot shipping containers. If you have a specific feature you’re looking for that isn’t listed here, it’s best to call and ask if it’s possible.

Cost of Buying vs. Renting 6 FT Steel Shipping Containers

cost of used 6-foot shipping container buying or renting
When you need to use 6 ft steel shipping containers, you can either rent or buy them. Which option is most cost-efficient for you will depend on several factors.

How long are you going to need the container?

teal 6ft metal shipping containerIf you need the steel shipping container for the foreseeable future, purchasing will be more cost-effective than renting.

If you need a short-term storage solution, renting will be more cost-effective. Generally, if you need the shipping container for a year or less, you’ll want to rent.

Do you require specific features for the purpose you plan on using the steel container for?

Consider the purpose you’ll be using the steel container for. Will you require specific features that are mandatory for that particular purpose? If you answered yes, you’d most likely want to purchase versus renting a metal shipping container.

Do you need assistance in managing the unit?

Even brand new metal storage containers will need maintenance. If you need help with this, you’ll want to rent. If you can manage it on your own, you can feel secure in purchasing.

Do You Have More Questions About 6ft Metal Storage Containers?

Six-foot metal storage containers are versatile enough to be used for a wide range of commercial applications. Whether you should buy or rent these containers depends on several factors.

Do you have more questions about 6ft metal storage containers?

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