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Shipping Container and Conex Box Solutions by TUFF

America’s preferred solution to buy conex boxes for their shipping and storage needs. Business is growing and growing fast. You are in the market for steel storage containers and you want to make sure you make the right choice. There are many factors to consider, but not to worry, from buying 20ft shipping containers, and beyond, TUFF has your conex box needs covered.

If you are looking at shipping containers you came to the right place.  We at TUFF know and understand your needs when it comes to metal shipping containers.

Types of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are all basically big metal boxes, but they have to provide a wide range of shipping and storage needs. If it needs shipped or stored, there is a type of shipping container designed to accommodate the need.

TUFF Shipping Container Buying GuideRefrigerated and Insulated

Mainly used for shipping and storing frozen and fresh food, refrigerated shipping containers are able to keep optimum storage temperatures for their contents. There is a large range of quality and price for these units. If you require temperature-controlled shipping or storage we can help sort through your options.


The standard shipping container is a fully enclosed steel container, a plywood floor, and double-action bolt doors.  Most new shipping containers are waterproof and air sealed. Dry storage steel shipping containers are the most common type with millions in circulation around the world.

Covered or Uncovered

Shipping containers come with or without roofs. A shipping container with no roof, called an open container, is mainly for shipping objects that are too tall to fit the standard height of a shipping container.

Uncovered shipping containers have the advantage of being cheaper and, for some purposes, tying down a tarp will be enough to keep the cargo dry and safe during transport.

Tunnel Type

Tunnel storage containers have doors on both ends of the container. This kind of container is good for easier and quicker loading of cargo. They are also good for access to storage from both ends of the container.

Sizes and Dimensions

Tuff Metal Storage Containers Buy or RentShipping containers come in sizes varying from 6ft to 45ft or more. Consider carefully your container size needs before you purchase. Remember to plan for the future. Shipping containers can last 30 years or longer so keep that in mind when you plan its long-term usage.

The 20 Foot Steel Shipping Containers and Steel Cargo Containers are the most commonly used. The standard dimensions of these containers are 8 ft. X 20 ft. X 8.6 ft. These cargo shipping containers are the ideal, width, and height for transferability.

The standard height of shipping containers is 8.6 feet, but there are slightly taller ones available and there are half-height containers as well.

No matter your storage or shipping needs there is a perfect size container to fit it. (Contact us) for more information on the different sizes of shipping containers available to rent or buy. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity is the specification that gives you the volume of cargo you can store and ship in the container. Here are the estimated carrying capacities for most shipping containers of these lengths:

  • 10 ft. container (560 cubic feet)
  • 20 ft. container (1,160 cubic feet)
  • 30 ft. container (1,760 cubic feet)
  • 40 ft. container (2,360 cubic feet)

Custom Metal Storage Container Features

Standard shipping containers come with double-hinged doors at one end and are bare on the inside. Depending on what you are storing or shipping, a customized shipping container could be what you need. Here are a few of the special features that come with some containers or you can modify them to fit your needs after you buy.


As mentioned, the double-hinged door is the most common type of shipping container entry. This type of door is recommended for containers that need to be opened and closed on a regular basis.

Used Cargo-containers For Rent

There are shipping containers that come standard with rolling shutter type entry. Other containers have a single heavy thick door for stronger security. Shipping container doors are always strong and secure but some containers are designed to be extra secure to store more valuable content.

Seal and Paint

Shipping containers often come painted with weather-resistant sealant and paint. In some cases, you can order your container painted a certain color or even have your company logo printed on the sides, roof, or door(s). Having your container sealed and painted every couple of years will greatly increase its life expectancy.

Security Features

Shipping containers are usually secured by at least one bolt and padlock. Some designs have two or even three locks for added security. Some containers have advanced security features such as metal sleeves that protect the lock from the weather and prevent thieves from using a saw on the lock. A good shipping container lock is always a good idea to keep the contents safe from theft.


Windows are a good option if you are storing things that would benefit from letting in the fresh air and natural light. Having a window also allows light in the container so you can easily see when putting things in and taking things out of storage. Windows can help reduce moisture buildup inside your metal storage container that can damage your cargo or storage.

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Heating and Cooling

Again depending on what will be shipped or stored in your container, some temperature control may be needed. This is particularly true in extreme temperature environments. Containers can be outfitted with AC or Heaters to regulate the interior temperature of the unit.


Install shelving in the storage containers for more efficient storage and more stable shipping of delicate merchandise. Heavy cargo can be forklifted to higher-level shelves to keep them from accidentally falling in transport or simply for more efficient use of the full volume of the container.

Conex Boxes and Storage Solutions

No matter how big the order, conex boxes and shipping containers will get the goods where they need to go. If you need storage, shipping containers can provide any amount of storage you need.

Shipping Solution

Shipping containers are obviously used to ship goods. Flatbed trucks haul storage containers of most lengths. Shipping containers are often shipped by rail as well.

New metal shipping containers

Shipping containers are most often used to ship goods overseas with freight liners. Because of this, they are made out of corrosive resistant steel to handle the exposure to seawater on their journeys.


Conex Boxes For Sale

Rent Conex Storage Containers

Steel Shipping Containers For Sale

Buy Metal Storage Containers

Storage containers are generally lighter weight, but they also can ship goods. The terms shipping container and storage container are interchangeable.

They can and often are used for both purposes. Storage containers store every imaginable product. Here are just a few of the common products stored in storage containers:

  • agricultural supplies
  • hazardous materials such as paint and paint thinners
  • business records and other documents
  • tools and other equipment
  • sports equipment for schools and sports facilities
  • General household items like furniture and appliances
  • Storing recreational vehicles like snowmobiles and ATVs
  • shipboard supplies
  • emergency service equipment for police and medics
  • portable generators

Buying vs Renting Metal Containers

Leasing a storage container may be the right option for short term projects or if you only have a few shipments to make. If you are planning on years or even decades of regular shipping container needs then you most certainly should consider owning your shipping containers. You could save your business thousands in leasing fees.

Warranties on Shipping Containers

Do shipping containers come with warranties? Yes, most new shipping containers come with warranties. The terms of these warranties will vary depending on the manufacturer. The life expectancy of steel storage containers is anywhere from 10 to 30 years or more.

Permits for Shipping Containers

A common question we get is, do we need a permit to put shipping containers on our property? In many cases, a permit is not needed especially if the shipping container will only be on the property temporarily.

The truth is the laws are different everywhere so you will have to check with your local zoning and building planning committees to be sure you’re not breaking any laws. We recommend calling and asking about your local regulations before having shipping containers delivered to your business. Learn more about permits below.

Permit Information

TUFF Has It All

Whatever your shipping or storage needs, TUFF is standing by to assist you in every step of the process. From planning and anticipating your capacity needs to ensuring your containers arrive quickly and safely to your site, TUFF is here to help you get connected with the right company to meet those needs.