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From the uses to the different types, learn everything you need to know about military shipping containers in this complete guide.

TUFF Shipping Container Buying Guide

Are you looking for military shipping containers for your business? When you need containers that mean business, how do you know that you’re making the right choice? You have plenty of options, so what are you looking for to fulfill your shipping container needs?

Buying shipping containers might seem simple. They’re just large steel boxes, right? Well, not exactly. It does get more complicated than that if your team has more complex needs.

Whether you’re purchasing your first shipping container or you just want to keep updated, we’ve got the guide for you.

Common Uses for Military Shipping Containers?

So what are military shipping containers used for? They’re surprisingly multipurpose and used across various industries. In general, they’re used widely across the Marines, Army, and Air Force.

They’re used to transfer weaponry quickly, safely, and effectively. They have racks to secure weapons and they’re safe for quick transportation of military needs in a way that’s difficult to infiltrate or intercept.

Military storage containers also make quick work of transporting training structures and base camps. Structures can be easily relocated without tedious prep work to keep up with the fast pace of the military. Relocation is essential.

Military Shipping Container

These structures are mobile, durable, and endlessly customizable. They can be kept refrigerated in order to supply food, water, and medications (as well as blood plasma, if necessary) to deployed troops as efficiently as possible.

They can also be kept warm for the opposite purposes. Anything that requires a temperature-controlled environment even under harsh weather conditions can be shipped in a military shipping container so long as the correct type is chosen.

In a pinch, they also fulfill shelter needs for military members in a dangerous deployment situation.

Features Available in Military Storage Containers

Military storage containers have to be ready for any potential military needs. This means that they’re prepared for additional features but also can come pre-loaded with common preferred features.

They’re built with durability in mind, so steel is the most common choice of material. They’re also built to withstand severe weather conditions. They can be upgraded to withstand even more severe conditions like heavy and compacted snow or storms.

When considering modified storage containers, the options are limited only by the abilities of the modifier and the imagination of the person requesting the containers.

While “storage container” sounds like a steel box (and to be fair, these containers are sturdy steel boxes), they can be modified for easy plumbing and electricity, increasing their transportability and ease of use in the field.

Military storage containers can come pre-loaded with weapon racks for easy and safe equipment transportation, as well as complex floorplans for their structural use. If one requires a workspace, a modified storage container can include that, for example.

Modified containers in the past have looked like anything from simple and square extra storage areas to large and complex linked containers that appear almost as industrial buildings.

Steel Shipping Containers

Types of Military Metal Shipping Containers?

There are various types of military shipping containers as we’ve mentioned. The purpose of shipping containers is primarily for shipping rather than use as temporary safe housing. This means that shipping containers have to come in several varieties to suit different transportation needs.

They’re often modular, meaning that they can be stacked and arranged to suit many kinds of purposes. This ability makes them incredibly convenient for military use, as they can fit in small and constructed spaces with ease.

Normal Storage Containers

Normal storage containers are just that, normal. They may be modified later with special features, but they’re essentially large and sturdy metal boxes in various sizes. They’re used for transporting dry goods like weaponry and nonperishable supplies.

These containers aren’t as multifunctional as the modified containers, but they can also serve as a temporary shelter in a bad situation.

Refrigerated Storage Containers

Refrigerated storage containers are perfect for transporting cold goods. Their purpose is the name. They’re kept regulated at a cool temperature making them ideal for food transportation.

These are also useful for transportation of film due to its sensitivity, as well as blood plasma or other live-saving substances that require cool and regulated temperatures to remain stable.

Insulated Storage Containers

Tuff Metal Storage Containers Buy or RentInsulated storage containers are similar to refrigerated storage containers, but they’re instead able to maintain a higher consistent temperature.

This can be good for explicitly delivering warm goods, but also for goods that have to maintain a consistent temperature in general. These should be able to stay as warm as the user likes despite harsh temperatures on the outside.

Modified Storage Containers

Modified storage containers are normal shipping containers with modifications made to suit the needs of the client. These are perfect for military use because they open up more options for transportation and temporary shelter.

These are the containers commonly used by the military for transporting workspaces, training areas, and temporary shelter areas for military members, and more. They have endless options for customization and can be used for anything from weapon transportation to sturdy temporary workspaces.

We Can Meet Your Storage Container Needs

If you require military storage containers, we have you covered. Storage containers for the military have to be tough, modifiable, and sturdy. We understand that and want to help you get the best possible product.

When you’re in need of a sturdy, functional, and modifiable storage container to keep your people, goods, and weaponry safe and secure, we are the people to call.

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