Buying Guide for Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are great for shipping, organization, and storage for your business. Which ones should you get?

Even with the best experts, it’ll take a couple of months to complete a warehouse construction project. So you need to find a much faster option for getting a storage space for your business. That’s why you should consider buying steel storage containers, also known as Conex boxes.


These containers enhance storage safety, as they are made of industrial-grade steel. Besides, the metal storage containers are durable and affordable, which makes them perfect for your business. The only challenge is that you’ve no idea of the specific things to check when buying these Conex boxes.

To help you, here is your business buying guide for steel storage containers.


Check the Length of the Steel Storage Containers

The length is the first thing you need to check when searching for commercial storage containers. You want containers that are long enough to offer adequate storage space. Most Conex boxes are either 20 or 40 feet long.

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So, you may wonder what to do if the 40-foot steel storage container is too big and the 20-foot one is too small. In such a situation, look for a company that offers Conex boxes with custom lengths. This company will cut apart and weld together used Conex boxes to design a new container with a length that fits your needs.

Your business needs should therefore guide you decide the length of steel storage containers to buy. However, if you’re uncertain about how much space you need, consult the top company that sells these containers. Here you’ll find experts who’ll recommend the perfect length of Conex box to purchase.

Used vs. New Metal Storage Containers

The durability of the steel storage containers makes it easy to find many used ones on sale. However, the used containers may have dents, rust, and regular wear and tear. The good thing about used containers is that they are cheaper than new ones.

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You need to compare the cost of a new metal storage container vs. a used one. You want to know how much money you’ll save when you purchase a used one. Besides, you can see how much it’ll cost you to refurbish the used container.

If you’re buying the steel storage containers for the first time, the safer bet is to go for the new ones. Yes, you’ll pay a little bit more for them, but you avoid the stress of inspecting a used container. So, it’ll be easy and quick to get a new metal storage container that fits your needs.

However, if you insist on buying used commercial storage containers, choose the top company. You want to find a company that cleans and refurbishes these used containers before selling them. Besides, this top company has experts who’ll help you know the ideal used steel storage containers to buy.


Check the Width and Height

The next thing to check when searching for storage containers for businesses is the width and height. Most containers have a height of 8 feet and 6 inches and a width of 8 feet. However, you’re not limited to these dimensions when buying these containers.

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You can approach suppliers who can modify the containers’ widths or heights to fit your needs. For instance, to stack more items, you may need a container with a height of more than 8 feet and 6 inches. So, in this situation, contact this top supplier who’ll enlarge the container’s height to meet your needs.

Examine the Locking Mechanism

Tuff Metal Storage Containers Buy or RentSecurity is a major concern when searching for the ideal commercial steel storage containers. You want containers made of industrial-grade steel, which is hard to break into. Besides, you want containers with a reliable locking mechanism that will resist tampering.

The goal is to ensure that only authorized individuals can unlock the storage container and access stored goods. So you’ll need to find out more about different locking mechanisms to know how each works. You want to compare these mechanisms to decide the best one.

To simplify this work, contact our commercial steel storage containers company. We have friendly experts who’ll educate you about the locking mechanisms and how they work. We want to assure you that your goods are secure when using our steel storage containers.

Go for Conex Boxes with Amazing Customization Options

Check the Conex boxes’ customization options that various suppliers offer. You want to tailor the containers to meet your company’s storage needs perfectly. For instance, you may need to add more doors to the container to ease accessing the stored goods.

You may also want to paint the container with your brand colors to enhance its appearance. To get all these things, you need to find the top company that sells these metal storage containers. Here you’ll find skilled experts who’ll educate you on these custom options and recommend the best ones.

Compare the Costs of Different Steel Storage Containers

The storage container cost is the final thing to consider when shopping for these items. You’ll discover it’s much cheaper to buy these Conex boxes than to build a warehouse. All you need is to find the top company that has amazing deals for these storage containers.

Check the costs for customizing the commercial storage containers to fit your needs. To save money, only focus on the custom options that offer value, like enhancing security and safety. Besides, look for a company that charges fair rates to customize the metal storage containers.

Enjoy Amazing Prices for Steel Storage Containers by Choosing Our Company

You want a company that offers both new and used metal storage containers for sale. Finding the top company will make it super easy for you to get quality steel storage containers. Also, look for a supplier who’ll recommend amazing Conex boxes customization options.

Contact us to enjoy great deals for steel storage containers and many other items.


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