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According to Ocean Insights, the shipping industry has spent more than $236 billion on the purchase of new vessels to increase container transportation. In addition, nearly 95% of the world’s cargo is currently moved by ship.

Metal Shipping Containers

When you see cargo shipping containers for sale, you need to jump on that proverbial ship. Although 95% of the world’s cargo is moved by ship, it doesn’t mean the containers are limited in scope and use. You will be able to get plenty of commercial use out of them for a variety of business needs.

The bottom line: shipping containers aren’t just for shipping anymore.


Difference Between New and Used Containers

First things first: should you buy new shipping containers, or opt for used?

The difference between new and used containers should be clear, but there’s more to consider. When you purchase a new shipping container, you are receiving a sturdy container that will last for 20 years when taken care of properly. However, a used container is also a great option if you aren’t looking to use them for the long haul.

Deciding on the perfect metal shipping container depends on a specific purpose and need. Even so, what would be a good choice to purchase and why? These questions will become clear-cut after you read about the differing costs based on size.

Different Storage Container Costs by Size

The cost of steel storage containers varies based on different factors. Age of the container, condition, the specific size are all aspects that should be considered before purchase.

On average, cargo shipping containers for sale come in a standard size of eight feet in width and eight feet six inches in height. The lengths will range from 15 to 145 feet.

High-Cube Containers

High-cube containers boast their height by adding an additional foot or more to the standard eight feet and six inches in height. This additional foot means more storage capacity and the ability to transform. Conversion specialists are finding that high-cube containers work well for construction purposes.

Regardless of whether they are transforming them into hotels, constructing false ceilings for air-conditioning, or turning into a new cafe on main street, these containers are becoming a hot commodity that many business owners are finding a unique commercial use for.

New shipping containers of this type come in 20 and 40-foot.

Average Cost: $3,000 to $5,000 based on size.

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53-Foot Steel Storage Container

Industrial storage and self-store facilities will take full advantage of 53-foot options. If you are a construction company, you will rest easy knowing that you will be able to fit your scaffolding and metal beams inside with ease.

All the materials you store inside are also completely free from weather damage and will always stay safe and secure because of their durability. You will also be able to ship any materials exactly where your next job is with this shipping container option.

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45-Foot Metal Storage Container

With a 45-foot container, you will be able to complete any job. These types of containers work as stackable loaders. This stackable option enables secure storage you won’t get with others.

Average Cost: $4,500 to $6,000

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40-Foot Standard Container

This standard container is known for more office commercial use. You can convert them into extra lab space for your business, add additional bathroom space when needed, and even implement an indoor garden to have a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables right outside your door.

Don’t forget to factor in any shelving, windows, or heating and cooling you will need for these projects.

Average Cost: $4,500

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20-Foot Standard Container

Twenty-foot containers are among the most common. They are great for a variety of cargo and can come equipped with forklift pockets. They are perfect for construction companies who are looking to transport their equipment.

Average Cost: $3,000

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10-Foot Standard Container

Although 10-foot is the smallest container recommended for commercial use, they are still a valuable addition for any business storage need. Their smaller stature allows them to be converted into small mini-stores, cafes, a singular office, and concession stands.

Average Cost: $2,500

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Various Features for Shipping Containers and Their Costs

You might not know it, but the customization of new shipping containers is just as sizable as the containers themselves. You have the option of purchasing things like roll-up doors that are perfect for the ease of cold storage use. For a little extra cash, additional storage space is also an option.

Learn more about the diverse features of metal shipping containers below.

Custom-Sized Containers

Containers don’t have to stay within the standard dimensions. Although more difficult to come across and upward in price, extra-wide containers are ideal to transform into retail spaces and office conversions.

Average Cost: $3,000-$4,500 based on size.

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Interior Locking Mechanisms

The safety of the products and equipment in your container is important. Interior locks are a function that will add the needed protection against any break-ins. An interior locking system is a high-security option that will guarantee your lock stays latched and secured.

The Compliance Center has a great article discussing the six different ways to lock your storage container.

Average Cost: $300 to $700

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Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers are an easier alternative to the standard container because of their ability to have collapsible sides. Their collapsible sides allow for more storage options. These containers are an ideal option for transporting abnormal loads.

Bulky construction equipment, automobiles, and other oversized products like windmills will fit in these flat-rack-type containers.

As an added benefit, flat rack containers can be cheaper than a standard container in the long run because of their low-cost maintenance. Their sizes range from 20 to 40 feet in length.

Average Cost: $3,800 to $5,100

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Open-Side Containers

Open-side containers are known for their bi-folding doors. They allow access to one full side, instead of being limited to only opening the back. These full-size access containers are great to convert into storage units for your business.

When you buy shipping containers with this functionality, they are only provided in new or “one-trip” condition. These standards allow you a like-new option that will last for years.

Average Cost: $4,000 to $12,000

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Conex Containers Rental Options

If you still aren’t comfortable making the full commitment and purchasing a storage container, a rental is a perfect option. If you have a business that tends to pick up more in the summer and slows down during the winter, a storage container rental could be the right choice for you.

Buy Metal Shipping Containers

The price for renting a metal shipping container is much more comparable than paying full price when you won’t need it for 365 days of the year. The price to rent a shipping container varies. You can expect to pay in the range of $75 to $200 per month.

As an added bonus, rentals are a great option if you don’t want to take on the duty of the delivery and removal of the container.

Keys Things to Remember When You See Cargo Shipping Containers for Sale

Age is a factor in determining how much longer they will last, but the condition is also a big detail. Make sure you are checking the condition of the floorboards. Are they warped or rusted? Do they have dents that are going to be detrimental to your specific use?

Original Character May Only Be Short-Lived

Keeping the original character of Conex containers might seem tempting. You should ensure that the container won’t be more hassle than it is worth in the long run. You wouldn’t want to start setting up the container for use and realize the door function is faulty.

Storage container

Be the best advocate for your business—purchase a metal shipping container that you are willing to grow with. After all, their function is vast. They can be used for everything from temporary construction offices to extra cold storage for a restaurant.

Shipping Containers Are Built to Last

According to Port Technology, shipping containers don’t require much upkeep, but with just regular maintenance, a typical shipping container can last over 20 years.

Don’t forget that rentals are an option. Paying a monthly fee might be better on your budget than purchasing a new storage container upfront. For general information on the cost of rentals, visit this article by 360 Connect on the topic.

Check on Delivery Fees

The cargo shipping containers for sale may not include delivery fees in their pricing. Before you schedule your delivery, be sure to ask about delivery fee pricing and if it is included in the overall costs.

Remember that delivery fees are also dependent on distance. The further you are vs the closer you are will be factored in the cost.

New Shipping Containers Can Be Worth the Splurge

The average cost for a shipping container is a great investment for your business. They cost between $1,500 and $2,500. Spurling for this unique and highly functional space will be an investment you will get an immediate return from.

Shipped Right to You

The next time you are looking at cargo shipping containers for sale, you won’t hesitate to make the right choice.

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